IQN Timecards and Expenses App Reviews

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Don’t even bother

Literally nothing works. You must use their website only. Don’t understand why they would even configure such a useless app if it just does not work at all!!!

Not good

Worked fine the first two weeks I was hired on through a temp agency. Then it quit letting me login in for about a week. Once it started letting me login I couldn’t make changes through my time card. I have to go to the website on a computer. I can’t even go to the website from my phone.

Just got the app....

Just got the app and it not taking my credentials. Maybe I need to wait for some sync to happen. I will try later.

Issue with Time Entry

Since the latest update I’ve had an error message populate when trying to save my time through the app. It claims I need to enter at least one numeric value when I’ve entered both date selectors and all other fields are filled out. Error: 10004493 (417)

Can’t log hours anymore

I think the app needs an overhaul to compensate for the iOS updates. It shouldn’t take that much effort to focus on the design at least. I can’t log in my hours, nothing is different than what I was doing before but I upgraded phones and the most recent iOS and it stopped working. Went from an iPhone SE to 8. The app returns an error message when you try to save the time sheet after updating hours. I believe it says that I haven’t entered any “numeric values” for the time card entry.

Just log in on a computer

I’ve never been able to log in through the app itself. Just use a computer and avoid the annoyance.

Stopped Working

I’ve been using this app since May and it crashed it won’t allow me to sign in. It’s been saying that it couldn’t load for over a week now. I usually have no problem with it. Someone needs to resolve this issue.

Just Crashed😫

After using for 3 months the system won’t let me in and I can’t get any tech support. Useless.

Issues with Log In

I’ve been using this app for almost a year and it’s consistently given me problems with login process. Every few months I am required to change my password to a new password and almost every single time have an issue logging in. It says that I can’t log in at this time and that I should try again later. I find this app helpful when it works and it’s very annoying when it doesn’t. I’ve sent them an email about the issue and still haven’t received a response yet. The app still isn’t working for me so now I have to go back to manually submitting online. I’m deleting this app, it’s wasted enough of my time trying to get it to work.

Total trash,not thoughtfully developed or maintained

So I work from 4pm to 2:30am Every time I put my “time out” the error states that I can’t clock out earlier than my to counter that I put my clock out on the next day. Then that screwed it up. Was told it was the phone app that didn’t work properly (making this app entirely pointless) so tried it on PC. That worked once, now it’s giving me the same bs Come on developers/programmers Get your act together Fix this problem or you will have even less people using this

Can’t log in

I can open safari on my phone and log in. I can log in with my MacBook. But I can’t log in with this app. It states I’m using an invalid username or password, but I’m not.

Cannot log in

From the start it won’t recognize my username and password. Waste of time and garbage app

This app just doesn’t work

I suspect because it’s primarily a skin to the website and not all companies using IQN have the same url. But whatever, I have never been able to login, and there is no explanation or help offered.

Can’t log in!

Every time I enter my credentials, it fails. Hate it.

Doesn’t work

App won’t let you login but my credentials work in browser. The help link takes it to a mailbox that is no longer monitored.

Can’t login

This app would be great if it actually worked. It says I am inputting the incorrect information and then when I go to the desktop version it works fine. Same information in each. Hopefully they fix this soon.

It does not work

The App will not accept my username and password. I have to go to the website and it accepts it fine on the website but the app will not allow me to sign-in.

Great App!

Quick and easy to navigate, great app!

Couldn’t log in through app

I couldn’t log in through app but web works. I don’t get it.

Good start but....

Copy previous timecard does not bring over previous “comment” boxes and worse you can’t even go back and copy a previous comment manually. Simple fix but developers need to think like an employee.


Can’t login through app but can login from browser. Can’t contact anyone for assistance either. Although, this would hAve been very convenient. Right now it’s useless


So now we can't see our total hours on the time cards? Can't send an email to the devs because the address is undeliverable. Smh

Bad, bad, bad.

Can't log in.

Can't enter time for more than one project

I can only enter time for one project number per day. It appears to let me add more but when I save it, it just keeps the most recent one added. Not useable in current condition. Have to drag out the laptop.


Sometimes it works...sometimes is does not. Why can't I log in when I need to 😩. The website is hard to find sometimes as well. It seems to redirect.

Please please update!!

This app, whether it's perfect or not, has been so helpful for recording my hours, submitting my time sheets, and checking for approval each week! I find it easier than the website for this. Please update the app so we can still use it once the new iOS is released. Thanks!

Is this app still relevant?

Used with my current contract company. Been seeing a message stating it may not work with future versions of iOS. Sent an email to the address listed on app. It bounced back as being rejected. With that being said if I could rate it the tip of a star, I would have done so.

Amazing App!!

Its very handy and easy interface.


Does anyone really reads these comments? Please please update the app. I just got a message saying it will not work with future iOS updates. Last update was in 2014 or 2015. It's time for a new one. Thank you.


App never works. For the last few days keeps saying currently unavailable

It's abandoned

This APP hasn't been updated in a long time. It's buggy and creates a battery drain issue for anyone on an iOS version higher than 8.

Nice for time sheets, worthless for expense reports

Very easy to add time but when adding an expense report it gives you no options for "expense type". If you choose expense type the only option is "airfare". No pulldown menu is there, and when you choose expense type it just immediately put in airfare, so if you want to finish your time cards in your expense report at the same time, this app does not do anything. To the developers: please please fix this, I would love to use this app weekly!

Surprise, Surprise

still doesn't work

Can't even log in

Title says it all. Terrible app.


All of this terrible reviews are true. Don't even try to ask support in the app or web of the QI Navigation service. Save your time and let it go🚶


Please take pointers from concur. This is the worst app ever.

Doesn't work

This app just plain doesn't work. Gives me error messages when I try to submit time card. When I go to the Internet the exact same time card submits without problem.

Functionality is horrible

If it actually allowed you to do what the program is designed for in the first place then it'd be a nice app

Can't copy previous

It was a great idea, I liked being able to do my timecard from the app until it started giving me an error when I try to copy previous. The update and reinstalling did not fix, pretty unusable now.


The app simply doesn't work. Just go to the website.

Hasn't worked for me in 2 weeks.

Super frustrating and just how a time card app should work. Just wicked unreliable.

Surprisingly terrible

Given Apple is one of their clients, this app is surprisingly terrible to use. Loaded with bugs, expense reports are next to unusable. Each expense you create can only be labeled as "car rental" and you can select a date for you expense in another month because the display won't show the full calendar. Similar display issues make it impossible to see what you're typing when writing a comment for that same expense. I've written to IQN about these issues months ago with no response. Now, on my group's trip to Hong Kong, we can't even log into the app at all. When I select the "report" button It brings up an email, which after being sent gets automatically responded to saying the report button is out of date! The email has a URL where I have to sort myself through to find the email I actually need to contact. There's no reason for this to be such a confusing process, and maybe the lack of feedback feeds into why the rest of the app is so dysfunctional.

Log in Issue-Worst App

Fix this issue!!! I reported it and they never made a follow up. I can only use IQ in my computer but couldn't log in using this app. It says username and password is invalid all the time!!!!I have no issues in my computer. This is just so frustrating!!!

Cannot login Help Links, # don't work

Sad excuse for a app. Won't accept my valid credentials and the help email and phone #s don't work whether through te app or online. We're on IOS9, it's not even updated.

Doesn't work

App does not work. I've reported login issues and no response.

Easy app

Pretty simple app, easy to sign in and out time cards are easy to do👍👍👍

Easy to use

Very simple and easy to use. More convenient than going to the web to enter time.

Works for Me!

I am able to use the app to create timecards and expenses with no issues. I really like the ability to attach receipts to an expense by taking a photo of them.

Worst app I have ever used

This is by far the worst app I have ever used. What could be passable UI and design is mired by small decisions that make the app frustrating and unpredictable (such as the add entry button being absurdly easy to glance over when within the day view) and bugs that delete your entries again and again make the overall experience of using the app not only frustrating, but unproductive and ultimately impossible. I cannot complete my time card with this app, and I do not recommend anyone ever try. Fix your app, or get out of the app business. You are infuriating your customer base.

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